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We work to deliver value and reliability to all our customers, which includes options for solving your railcar leasing needs. We offer a variety of competitive leasing options to maximize your operational flexibility. As a part of Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc, we offer extensive experience in leasing solutions and are backed by the financial strength to make things happen.

Purchasing railcars requires sizable capital investment and the ability to understand and interpret maintenance costs and regulatory issues, and as a result many companies recognize the benefit of working with a partner who can help them invest in their businesses instead of equipment. Our team does just that, providing counsel regarding the best approaches to shipping by rail, while maximizing flexibility and profitability.

Of course, choosing the right lease depends on your goals and circumstances. We’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your company. We offer a number of lease options to fit your needs, including:


The Full-Service Lease can be structured so that PNW Railcars retains responsibility for normal maintenance, property taxes and/or insurance coverage, depending on our clients’ needs. Additionally, PNW Railcars offers regulatory assistance, creating a tailored selection of services so you can create the right package to let you concentrate on what’s most important for your business.


For companies that prefer to manage their own maintenance, a Net Lease puts the responsibility for all costs associated with the operation of a railcar – including maintenance, property taxes and insurance – back onto the lessee.


With a Purchase Leaseback, we will buy your railcar, then lease it back to you, increasing your cash flow and freeing capital for other investments. Your leaseback will then be in the form of either a Full-Service or Net Lease.


A Per Diem Lease is structured with regular payments which are based on the time and mileage a railcar is used in a given month.

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